"I want to maximize the ROI of our marketing spending."

This is the directive the CEO gave us in 2017. Up to that point, the Nevis Tourism Authority had used mass media, events, newsletters, and random influencers as its primary awareness generators. Now, they wanted to try new digital initiatives focused on social media, data analysis, and quantifiable returns.

"Ok," we said. "Let's build a social media audience and boost lead generation."

Thanks to its active social media presence and increased lead flows, the NTA can continually raise awareness among, connect with, and learn more about travelers.

"Let's also generate actionable intel and improve audience nurturing."

The NTA now has a defined process it uses to nurture travelers and generate actionable audience intelligence. This helps optimize its total marketing efforts and, ultimately, increase visits.

How does GoConvert help?

By combining the self-sufficiency of an application with the expertise of an agency, GoConvert uses four actions to help the NTA quantify results, maximize ROI, and achieve its marketing goals.

Audience Modeling

GoConvert uses all available data resources — social media intel, Google Analytics, contact information, and other digital signals — to continually fine-tune Nevis’ traveler persona. We always know whom we’re speaking to and how well we’re resonating with our audience.

Content Strategy

GoConvert uses audience intelligence to build highly-relevant marketing collateral. This helps ensure content topics, social media channels, ads, and influencers align with known audience variables. Now, marketing spending has the potential to generate exponential returns.

Lead Generation & Traveler Nurturing

We use a custom lead-generation tool (discover.nevisisland.com) to generate a steady stream of leads for the NTA. This allows them to nurture travelers along a well-defined conversion path and creates additional front-line intelligence we use to fine-tune our audience hypotheses.

Measuring, Analyzing, Reporting, Learning & Fine Tuning

We use engagement data and other digital signals to constantly learn from our marketing efforts and improve our audience models. This allows us to fine-tune collateral resources, improve lead generation, hone traveler acquisition workflows, encourage high-impact influencers, and improve overall marketing efforts (on- and offline).

Data & Discoveries

Working with GoConvert is an adventure. Our customers usually start with one set of assumptions. Then, working side by side, we discover all sorts of exciting, unanticipated things. Steering into these discoveries helps maximize the ROI of overall marketing spending. This is certainly true in the NTA’s case.

Actionable Insight

Pre-GoConvert anecdotal evidence suggested Texas was an important traveler market for Nevis. However, as we tested this theory, we found Nevis’ most important markets are actually the London and New York metro areas as well as the Gold Coast of Florida. The tourism authority was aware of its popularity in the first two areas, but the third was virtually undiscovered and untapped.

This market was incredibly efficient as well: the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce DMA’s contributed more leads with fewer visits and less time spent on the NTA’s website.

Actual Markets
Presumed Markets

Intelligent Growth

Thanks to GoConvert, the NTA has a wealth of actionable data points at its disposal. This intelligence helps focus overall marketing efforts and boosts the ROI of spending.

Using these data points, the NTA is able to drive considerable social media engagement (green), extract more value from each post (light gray), steadily increase follower counts (red), and generate a steady stream of leads (gray).

Drilling down on two specific metrics, note how social media engagements (green) are trending exponential while the total number of posts (light gray) has remained relatively steady. Since each post is receiving more engagements, we’re extracting more and more value from each one. Not only are we boosting the efficiency of our marketing efforts, this is a good indication we’re creating content that’s well aligned with the interests of the NTA’s audience.

Also, note the number of times we’ve been able to fine tune audience models and make high-impact adjustments. When engagement begins going down, we know we need to make some adjustments. Once that’s done, the trend reverses course, sometimes dramatically.

Influencer Alignment

GoConvert helped the NTA identify its most impactful influencers and awareness channels. It now knows 18% of these drive 60% of all engagements. As a result, the NTA can put (and sustain) downward pressure on overall influencer spending (red), exclusively focus on high-impact influencers and channels (grey), and thereby put (and sustain) upward pressure on engagements.


“How has GoConvert helped the NTA?”

We don’t have a lot of experience with online marketing campaigns, social media, or engagement analysis. Now, we’re able to develop ambitious strategies, confident they’ll be effectively (and creatively) executed.

Greg Phillip(Former) CEO
Nevis Tourism Authority

“How would I perform as a GoConvert customer?”

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