Less DIY. More like financial services.

We’re not a traditional SaaS vendor or an agency. SaaS vendors leave you on your own. Agencies are expensive, high-friction, and often deliver ambiguous performance metrics. We’re better than both.

Like a financial advisor, we combine application resources, research, and professional knowledge capital to help you reach your goals. On-demand, real-time dashboards and reports when you want them. Human intel when you need it. GoConvert offers the best of both worlds with $0 fees.

"So how do you make money?"

Our pricing model is a bit different. We won’t invoice you for agency fees or ad buys. No matter how many users you add, you won’t see a recurring credit card charge for using our application.

That’s because we don’t make money from fees, all ad buys are included, and we don’t charge you to use our application. Instead, we make money when we spend our customers’ budgets wisely, when we help them grow, when we help them maximize the ROI of their marketing spending.

We’re responsible for creating our own margin, and our bottom-line performance is 100% tied to yours.

Financial services companies think in terms of “Assets Under Management” (AUM). Likewise, GoConvert thinks in terms of “Budgets Under Management” (BUM). In other words, we want you to hand us all or part of your marketing budget and let us manage it for you. It’s our job to deliver greater returns than you’d see spending it yourself. When we do this successfully, we all do well.

The graph illustrates this in action. We’re able to help this customer reach its revenue goal (green) by spending 80% (red) of its total BUM (yellow). We use the remainder — 20% in this case (blue) — to pay our team, develop and maintain our application, and cover other business costs.

"When I hand you my budget, what do I get in return?"

The short answer? “A lot.”

All Ad Buys & Creative

100% of digital ad purchases and all associated creative assets (images, landing pages, copy, &c).

Application Subscription

Access GoConvert’s powerful analytics. See your overall pipeline health and marketing ROI in real time.

Professional Support

Human beings guide your spending and provide actionable insights. Working with us, you’re never on your own.

We’re invested in your success.

We commit to spending up to 110% of each customer’s budget to ensure we meet that customer’s goals. Think of it like this: If you gave us a $1,000 budget to manage, we’d owe you $100 in revenue. Like our fees, your risk goes to zero.

“How would I perform as a GoConvert customer?”

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