Open Agora Polls

Use GoConvert to enhance Open Agora Polls. Our sales funnel intelligence app seamlessly integrates with the apps you already use. There's no need to switch systems. Link GoConvert and Open Agora Polls, and start seeing exceptional results and faster growth with no additional fees.

Open Agora Polls

About Open Agora Polls

Open Agora does not have priviledged users (or admins). Once the application is installed on your workspace each user may create (and own) a poll, and each member of a given channel may answer a poll whithin this channel. Each user who has either created a poll or answered on a poll is considered an active user for the current month.

Open Agora Polls + GoConvert

Use GoConvert and Open Agora Polls to maximize the ROI of your sales and marketing spending. Enrich information in your Open Agora Polls account, improve contact and deal information, and start visualizing marketing and sales performance. GoConvert works around the clock to automatically fill in missing data. Your insights get better all the time.

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