Holistic Funnels

Think of GoConvert as an operating system for marketing and sales. We use it to build holistically-healthy funnels for our customers and to liberate them from top- and mid-funnel workflows. This leaves them free to focus on the most promising revenue-generating opportunities at the bottom. Learn more below.

Holistic Funnels

Holistically healthy funnels are effective funnels. However, keeping sales and marketing in alignment, and ensuring you know which metrics need work, can be a challenge.

GoConvert helps customers move beyond raw impression counts, ambiguous terminology, and vanity metrics. Our application quantifies key marketing concepts such as “interest” and “engagement,” tracks important digital metrics such as click and lead costs, outputs reliable ROI figures, and generates real-time funnel health models.

“How healthy is my funnel?”

Diagnose opportunities and keep your funnel healthy with this interactive tool.

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Align Effort with Impact

Different kinds of funnel problems need different kinds of solutions. An awareness challenge is different from a click through challenge, and both differ from engagement and conversion challenges.

Using GoConvert, our customers have real-time insights into which funnel stages are doing well and which need work. In the example, we’re showing a strong customer conversion rate and marketing ROI, but both would likely be even higher if we increased interest and engagement and put downward pressure on lead costs (CPR).

Our application color codes each pipeline stage against best-practice benchmarks, and our corresponding list of insights can help fix common issues associated with each metric and stage.

Using GoConvert, our customers and admins know exactly where to focus their attention. As a result, we can keep effort and impact tightly aligned.

“How does GoConvert help me demonstrate success?”

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How does GoConvert help?

By combining the self-sufficiency of an application with the expertise of an agency, GoConvert uses four actions to help customers quantify results, maximize ROI, and achieve their marketing goals.

Audience Modeling

GoConvert uses all available data resources — social media intel, Google Analytics, prospect data, and other digital signals — to continually fine-tune our customers’ audience models. We always know whom we’re speaking to and how well we’re resonating with them.

Content Strategy

GoConvert uses audience intelligence to build highly-relevant marketing collateral. This helps ensure content topics, social media channels, and ads align with known audience variables. Now, marketing spending has the potential to generate exponential returns.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

We use audience-specific lead-generation tools to generate a steady stream of inbound leads. This allows customers to nurture prospects along a well-defined conversion path and creates additional front-line intelligence we can use to fine-tune our various audience hypotheses.

Measuring, Analyzing, Reporting, Learning & Fine Tuning

We use engagement data and other digital signals to constantly learn from our marketing efforts and improve our audience models. This allows us to fine-tune collateral resources, improve lead generation, hone conversion workflows, and improve overall marketing efforts (on- and offline).