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The philosophy behind our sales funnel intelligence app is simple. Deliver exceptional results and faster growth. And do it with no fees. Focus less on creative and awareness and more on trends and abstractions. Discover how this approach helps our customers maximize the ROI of their marketing and sales spending.

"This is how you lead in the modern world."

“Move to the edge of the circle, and tell everyone it’s the new center. In time, the circle time will reorganize itself around you.”

I heard this second hand, in graduate school, from a well-known business figure. And it’s always stuck with me.

Raising your hand and telling people to follow you is presumptuous and alarming. “Where are we going?” some part of us wisely asks.

“Who is this person? Why should we follow him or her into the unknown?”

Visiting the edge of an existing circle, though, allows us to work within the known world. We’ve probably squinted and seen what’s out there already.

And if we don’t like what we see once we get to the edge, we can always go back to our point of origin. Like the horizon, it’s never out of sight.

– Quimby Melton (CMO/CPO, GoConvert)

This is how it is with GoConvert.

We’re just asking you to recenter your circle. If you don’t like what you see once you’ve done so, you can always go back to the old way of doing things.

So no more auteur marketing.

We can do better than that.

Instead, let’s do this:

Imagine that I come to your house, and you give me $1.

The next day, I come back and give you $2. Now, every time I come to your house, you’ll be happy to see me. And you’ll probably give me $1 if I ask for it.

This is the real-time performance of the GoConvert customer network: For every $1 our customers give us to manage, we’re currently helping them make $6.36. That’s a 6.36x ROI.

Invite us to your house, and let’s see what we can do for you.

– Wayne Miller (CEO, GoConvert)

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The GoConvert pricing model reflects this idea.

Whoever’s house it is — your partner’s, your boss’, your customer’s, your board’s, your shareholders’, your team’s, your spouse’s, your child’s, your friend’s — focus on making the relationship net positive for the other side of the table. Then, our personal share will always be secure.

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We also invest in your success.

GoConvert commits to spending up to 110% of each customer’s total budget to ensure we meet that customer’s goals.

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in Real Time vs. Traditional Digital

Curious about how the GoConvert customer network is currently performing against traditional digital benchmarks? Review the real-time data below.

Metric Traditional Benchmark Advantage
CPM ?Cost Per 1k Impressions $25 ?Agency Rate
CTR ?Click Through Rate 2.27%
CPC ?Cost Per Click $1.46
RCR ?Relationship Conversion Rate 4.63% ?Lead Conversion Rate
CPR ?Cost Per Relationship $119.34 ?CPL
IGRCR ?Income-Generating Relationship Conversion Rate 3.43% ?Digital Win/Close Rate
ROI ?For every dollar I spend, how many will I get back? 3.62x

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GoConvert vs. Traditional Digital