We eat when you eat.

In addition to avoiding fees, we build mutual success cycles with our customers. When we help them grow, the budgets they give us to manage also grow.

We give 110%.

We commit to spending up to 110% of each customer’s total budget to ensure we meet that customer’s goals.

This is a team sport.

Unlike traditional digital ad vendors and agencies, GoConvert considers itself responsible for each customer’s complete funnel. We focus on the top 75%, leaving our customers free to focus on the most promising revenue-generating opportunities at the bottom.

Customer Success Journey

We encourage our customers to use the following bottom-of-the-funnel sales process to drive conversions.

“What kinds of data can I expect to see?”

GoConvert helps customers collect everything they need to start building effective relationships. Data points include:

  • location & IP information
  • name & email
  • gender
  • age
  • phone

And if a contact is missing info, GoConvert works around the clock to automatically fill in missing data. Your audience insights get better all the time.

“What are reCAPTCHA scores?”

GoConvert uses Google’s® reCAPTCHA v3 to score every lead that enters our system.

Scores of 0.1 mean there’s a 10% chance the contact is a “real human.” Scores of 0.9 mean there’s a 90% it is. Scores of 0.2 to 0.8 fall somewhere in the middle.

Ignore lower-quality leads and focus on those with higher scores. Now, you won’t waste any time chasing bots.

“I have other questions or support requests.”

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