Who uses GoConvert?

We work with a range of customers with one thing in common: they all want to maximize the ROI of their marketing efforts.

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in Real Time vs. Traditional Digital

Curious about how the GoConvert customer network is currently performing against traditional digital benchmarks? Review the real-time data below.

Metric Traditional Benchmark Advantage
CPM ?Cost Per 1k Impressions $25.00 ?Agency Rate
CTR ?Click Through Rate 1.13%
CPC ?Cost Per Click $1.66
RCR ?Relationship Conversion Rate 2% ?Lead Conversion Rate
CPR ?Cost Per Relationship $55.50 ?CPL
IGRCR ?Income-Generating Relationship Conversion Rate 3% ?Digital Win/Close Rate
ROI ?For every dollar I spend, how many will I get back? 3x

“How would I perform as a GoConvert customer?”

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