What is a Good ROI for Marketing Campaigns?

Want What is a Good ROI for Marketing Campaigns data? We've aggregated real-time customer performance and 1,672 benchmarks from 166 other sites and reports. Find What is a Good ROI for Marketing Campaigns data below.


ROI (“return on investment”) is the amount of gross revenue you generate for every dollar you spend. We’ve benchmarked average marketing ROI at 3.62x. That is, for every $1 you spend on marketing, you want to generate $3.62 worth of income.


Currently, our customer network sees a 6.36x ROI on its marketing spending. That’s 75.69% above the benchmark.

Case Study: GoConvert vs. Traditional Digital

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It can be hard to find reliable digital marketing benchmarks. Our list aggregates real-time GoConvert customer data with benchmarks from dozens of other sites and reports.

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