Marketing and sales are at a crossroads.

Despite a surplus of agencies, software solutions, and ad vendors; despite hundreds of billions of dollars worth of annual spending — companies are often unable to find what they’re looking for: demonstrable business growth.

How do we fix this?

We adjust four core philosophies.



GoConvert is responsible for a customer’s entire funnel.


Marketing and sales should be less DIY and more like financial services.

Audience Focused

Avoid creative eddies. Focus on audience insights.

No Fees

We don’t charge customers fees. We eat when you eat.

“What makes GoConvert different?”

Discover how these philosophies help our customers maximize the ROI of their marketing spending.

Go Convert 101 vs. Traditional Digital Benchmark Driven Globally Focused

Who uses GoConvert?


Air Service

Early-Stage Ventures


Financial Services


Travel and Tourism

“How would I perform as a GoConvert customer?”

Get Real-Time Insights

in Real Time vs. Traditional Digital

Curious about how the GoConvert customer network is currently performing against traditional digital benchmarks? Review the real-time data below.

Metric Traditional Benchmark Advantage
CPM ?Cost Per 1k Impressions $25 ?Agency Rate
CTR ?Click Through Rate 2.27%
CPC ?Cost Per Click $1.46
RCR ?Relationship Conversion Rate 4.63% ?Lead Conversion Rate
CPR ?Cost Per Relationship $119.34 ?CPL
IGRCR ?Income-Generating Relationship Conversion Rate 3.43% ?Digital Win/Close Rate
ROI ?For every dollar I spend, how many will I get back? 3.62x

Key Features

GoConvert turbocharges your marketing efforts.

Deep Insights

Quantify qualitative, often ill-defined terms like “awareness”, “interest”, and “engagement.” Improve data generation and interpretation.

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Maximum ROI

GoConvert helps customers track important digital metrics, output reliable ROI figures, and generate real-time funnel health models.

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Smart Spending

As we fine tune a customer’s audience data and use that intel to improve the alignment of channels, messaging, and creative, we begin minimizing spending and maximizing engagement.

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Efficient Alignment

As we boost the efficiency of our marketing efforts and create content that’s well aligned with an audience’s interests, we can see these trends inside GoConvert.

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Actionable Insights

GoConvert helps customers collect everything they need to start building effective relationships. Data points include:

  • location & IP information
  • name & email
  • gender
  • age
  • phone

And if a contact is missing info, GoConvert works around the clock to automatically fill in missing data. Your audience insights get better all the time.

People, Not Bots

GoConvert uses Google’s® revolutionary reCAPTCHA v3 to protect itself (and our customers) from bots. But we don’t stop there. We give every lead that enters our system a score from 0 (bot) to 1 (human). Ignore lower-quality leads and focus on those with higher scores. Now, you won’t waste any time chasing bots.

No Need to Switch

We’ve engineered GoConvert to be as frictionless as possible. It enhances your existing tools.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with the apps you already use: your website, eCommerce system, CRM, marketing automation solution, or email management system.

“Does GoConvert work with my apps?”

Push data from GoConvert to Salesforce,® HubSpot,® Zoho,® Insightly,® Microsoft Dynamics,® and other popular solutions like MailChimp,® Constant Contact,® and Campaign Monitor.®

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